La Germandat de Paüls


It is a house of 1854 restored in 2007, and the perfect choice for enjoying a quiet holiday in Pauls and disconnect from the daily routine. Located within the biosphere reserve , our house has everything you need to spend some relaxing days with maximum comfort and a unique location .


Its capacity is 10-12 people. Ideal for families, groups of friends, celebrations, relaxing stays , hiking and any reason for a pleasant meeting. Housing for tourist use with registration Nº 000892 .






Via Verde



The greenway is a tourist route that runs along the old railroad Valley Zafan where , given the interest of the government of Aragon have seaport to exploit their products , built a path train was projected Union Township La Puebla de Híjar with Tortosa. The works began in 1882 , but due to various problems, it was not until 1942 when it was inaugurated . The track was in service for 31 years and was finally closed on 17 September 1973. This work is never finished , the condemned to disuse



Greenways are ideal to promote among society a new culture of leisure, outdoor sports and non-motorized instrument. It also represents an aid to the culture of the bicycle, hiking or horseback riding , as widespread use among all citizens , playing an important educational role , especially for younger , as the great advantage of Greenway is ensuring the accessibility and universality of users, without limitations of age or physical ability .




Battle of the Ebro


The Battle of Ebro will be a esdeveniment in life qual i els ideals of molta gent foren tràgicament posats in joc . The memòria d' aquells fets s'ha recollit in diferents Àmbits els d' aquesta exposició permanent . The nit de Sant Jaume és l' àmbit introductori i ens carries through them Sensacions , als espais the battle.


The riu explains pas d' els Objectius ambdós Exercits , mentre Els de l' offensive preparatius i 115 days of combats narrate the combat, atenent els militars factors , polítics i territorials . The darrer day reflects on the Republican defeat exili l' i , i, finalment , La ferida i Fer memòria terra , fer futur apel·len to reflexió i les emocions per afavorir the reconciliació amb el passat nostre .





Wine Route


The tour of the peoples of the route starts in the building of the Regulatory Council of the DO Terra Alta. Continuing towards Corbera d' Ebre and Vilalba dels Arcs, through the valley of Canyelles , where you can admire the margins, dry stone constructions that define costs and terraces . Vilalba dels Arcs as an economic engine viticulture , with a well-established cooperative spirit and family vineyard holdings . Nearby is the Pobla de Massaluca links with the core of Bats along a trail that passes the location of Massaluca with a nice viewpoint that combines a set of outdoor sculptures with a whole crop panoramic vineyard.



Once you have left Bats , which is the municipality of the region with the largest acreage of vineyards , pick a track that goes to Caseres where the viewpoint of the Planes d' Almudèfer that stands up in an impressive ravine is coated vineyards. Then, following the route N -420 , towards Gandesa , turn on a country road towards the town of Bot, where vineyards cover the numerous valleys that are looming on the horizon. The route ends at the Pinell de Brai , where you will come along the C - 43 towards Tortosa and where you can visit the celler ( cellar ) modernist cooperative , designed by architect Cesar Martinell . Do not fail to see the glazed ceramic frieze that looks at the main facade or buy a bottle of wine with DO Terra Alta.




Kayaking and canoeing in the Ebro


Come to fully enjoy the river and nature with the best experts in canoeing the counties of Ebro .


We have several routes to walk or canoe canoe through the calm waters of the Ebro . Everything, with maximum safety , accompanied by instructors / as the place, skilled in the art navigation ocanoa canoe. We will teach you the most amazing and wonderful corners of the river , his pas for our land : its fauna and flora, its history , ...



Navigating calm, clear waters , discovering meandering , narrow ravines , pristine islands , castles, Iberian villages ; at all times surrounded by peace and nature ; magic and charm.


Because the river remains the same for centuries : The Path of Tubal , the Flúmen Iber with the same images .


This river gives its name to an entire peninsula ; it was one of the main ways of communication , trade and conquest in antiquity. But unlike other ancient routes of communication, which have disappeared as a result of progress, ( Roman roads , highways ) , this has survived almost unchanged .




Motorland Grand Prix


Despite being an ultramodern facility , Motorland Aragón roots are in the past . The street circuit of Alcaniz hosted car races from 1963-2003 .



Since its inclusion in the calendar of World Motorcycling Championship , in 2010 , the Grand Prix MotoGP Aragon has become the most anticipated event . The Grand Prix , which has played since its first edition in September , gathers an average of over 100,000 spectators throughout the weekend each edition. At the organizational level , the Motorland Aragón for it has been honored twice ( 2010 and 2013 ) as the best World Grand Prix by IRTA ( World Association teams )