La Germandat de Paüls


It is a house of 1854 restored in 2007, and the perfect choice for enjoying a quiet holiday in Pauls and disconnect from the daily routine. Located within the biosphere reserve , our house has everything you need to spend some relaxing days with maximum comfort and a unique location .


Its capacity is 10-12 people. Ideal for families, groups of friends, celebrations, relaxing stays , hiking and any reason for a pleasant meeting. Housing for tourist use with registration Nº 000892 .






Parque Natural del Delta del Ebro



The largest wetland in Catalunya is one of the largest in the Mediterranean region. The mouth of the river that gives its name to this region, forms a natural park of first order with a richness of flora and fauna that make it unique and exceptional. With a total area of ​​7,736 hectares comprising the Baix Ebre and Montsià . Within its vast expanse are rafts Less Pots , the Canal Vell , the Garxal , L' Alfacada , the Platjola , Tancada and L' Encanyissada ; and the islands of Buddha, Sapinya and Sant Antoni ; the peninsula of Punta de la Banya and Fangar , the moors of Casablanca and Baltasar Ullals .


Over 500 different species confer a great potential with respect to vegetation, which highlights the canyizales , rushes , eucalyptus and river honeysuckle . It is necessary but not forgetting rice, vegetable star of the area , the production of which occupies large areas of deltaic terrain. With regard to wildlife , birds are of great importance in the area where quantified between 50,000 and 100,000 copies of 300 different species.


Wet weather favors the ideal habit for insects and invertebrates , while various degrees of salinity makes it easier to find a large number of fish among which eel , mullet and sea bass, living with introduced species such as catfish. The climatic conditions and terrain , together with its natural beauty, allow visitors to see a show where the water of the river and the sea are the main protagonists. Multitude of tours and activities complement the offer of the Delta del Ebro and municipalities that host .





Route rice


Rice with fish, duck rice , black rice , rice soup or rice with beans and turnips are some of the typical dishes of the Terres de l' Ebre. This cereal is one of the protagonists foods rich and varied cuisine linked to food resources offered by the Delta de l' Ebre -the hunting, fishing and rice- growing and interior gardens.






Route mussels and oysters


Fresh and quality product . This is what you can taste if ye aventuráis and taking part in one of the gastronomic tours along the coast of Ebro departing the port of Sant Carles de la Rapita . On top of a boat you will know the arts of fishing, will enjoy seascapes , will visit the Punta de la Banya tip and salt Trinitat to finish the route in a nursery shellfish . There you can taste the mussels , high quality , exquisite meat, and ostrones , smaller than the oyster , but intense flavor, fine and tasty meat that is usually consumed fresh , without any manipulation . A dining experience that will not leave you indifferent.





Horseback Riding on the Delta de l' Ebre


The horseback riding on the beaches of the Delta de l' Ebre are appropriate for any level unique experience where you can admire the Delta de l' Ebre in the " Platja dels Eucalyptus " , ideal for a leisurely stroll along the sea, and where both the rider and the horse enjoy a unique landscape in the Natural Park of Delta de l' Ebre.